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Recently, we acquired circa 1700 books from Larry McMurtry's Last Book Sale held in Archer City, TX August 10-12. These are being added steadily to the database. Each will have a stamp that reflects that source. 

We are open by appointment only. Please contact us if you wish to see our 100,000  books - orders@abrabks.com or 303 733-5700

Among the 
major collections of books, antiquarian and modern, that we have acquired are:

Colorado, Texas, New Mexico & other Western History & Americana

Geology, Math, Physics,  Science & Engineering, Medical and Psychiatry

Children's & Illustrated

Military, WW1, WW2, Civil War, Aviation & Naval.

Modern and Classic First Editions Fiction


Art, Photography, Antiques,

Religion & Philosophy

Natural History

Humor, Stage Magic, Foreign Travel & History

Mountaineering, Arctic & Antarctic

General fiction, Science Fiction, Mysteries, Western Fiction

Archeology & Anthropology, Architecture, Genealogy, Music, Film , Biographies,Business Law, Classics, Books on Books, rare books, used books, out of print books, Second Hand books, book finder, book search.

We have a large Rare Book Collection.

Directions:  Please contact us at 303 733-5700 or email orders@abrabks.com for directions.